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Infinite Star Healing

"Had an amazing healing session with Mel last night! It was so powerful & it blew me away!"

"To say I was sceptical about this sort of thing would be putting it mildly, but when I feel the crystals I’m holding in my hands as Mel heals me, start to breathe, I change my mind about it pretty damn quick! The only place that Mel touched was my face, yet I could feel things moving around inside me and when we’d finished, I felt absolutely freezing. I already feel like I have more energy and Mel assures me that I will sleep well and feel even better tomorrow! I believe it too. For anyone like me, that suffers with fibromyalgia, or any illness of any kind really, even if you’re a sceptic, make an appointment and see for yourself. Mel is the absolute, 100% genuine article and I’m already hoping to be able to have more spiritual healing very soon. Believe me, THOSE are words I never thought I’d say! Thank you Mel, you’re an angel xxxxx"


I will do my best to accommodate you and can even arrange healing sessions over SKYPE if travel is an issue.  Please also ask about retreats, workshops and group bookings.




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