For as log as I can remember, I have been on a Spiritual path.  Even as a little girl, my favourite item of clothing wasn't a flighty pink dress, or anything sparkly. No, it was a Native American, beaded dress that my Mother could never get me out of.  I just remember feeling really happy, secure and calm whenever I was wearing it.  I believe this is because the Native American way of life was calling me, telling me that I needed to follow this path to help others and live a fulfilled life.  I always knew I was different growing up and although, when I was older, I enjoyed my job as a hairdresser, I was still feeling a calling so I decided it was time to answer. 

Crystal singing bowls. Buddha and medita

"I have just returned from an amazing healing session with the very Talented Melanie Frampton, Universal Healer.  She worked on all Chakras with my inner Child and higher self. With all blockages cleared, it enables me to go forward on my path. Singing Quartz Bowls.... Amazing! Such a gifted Lady. Highly recommended.

Great Christmas present for a loved one or even just to treat yourself!

Thank you Mel, I’m still full of energy!"

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It was the best decision I ever made and I continue to listen to my Spirit Guides daily to help me make any decision that I may need some guidance with.  I started my journey searching for the right Spiritual Church, which took some time but I knew my destiny was to be a healer so I continued until I found the right one.  I began to sit in progression circles and then impression circles for a further seven years.  I attended many courses where I learned how to progress energy and master my own and I am now fully qualified and successful in delivering healing in the following mediums:

"I found myself on the same lovely retreat as Mel, recently, where she offered me healing and said she knew for me, that it had to be outside, in nature. Imagine my delight then, having walked up through St Nectan's Glen to wade in the shallow, healing waters of the River Trevillet, she chose a low, stone slab in the centre of the river, in front of the stunning waterfall! It was the most magical experience and one which I can never justify with mere words - other than to say I've felt so chilled out all week; my mind back at that most beautiful place at a healing session no other will ever be able to match."
  • A Reiki Master

  • A Kundolini Master

  • A Shamanic Healer

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Earth Energy Healer

  •  Aura Cleansing

  • Trauma Healing

  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing

  • Arcturian Master

  • Past life Healing

  • psychic Surgeon

  • Platform Healing