"On my first session, Mel gave me a message from my Gramp in spirit which was very accurate. Highly recommend!"

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Mediumship is an energy channel by which we connect to passed-over loved ones.  We ask the gatekeepers of the heavens to bring forward your loved ones or family members so that we may make contact.

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"Mel connected with my Nan in spirit & gave me a lovely connection. Thank you Mel!"

The medium connects by channelling messages of times where they were here on this plain.  This allows you to be able to remember and have complete faith that we have the right loved one with us for each individual reading

Once we reach the connection, and find out which loved one it is, human or animal, the reading will begin.  Whether it is to give messages of encouragement, advice or reassurance, they will send you the message you need to hear, even if you didn’t know you needed to hear it.  You don’t need to have a religious background, or you might? It makes no difference; your loved ones can still reach out to you with messages that you know could come from only them.